sunset and carlile (xexe) wrote in sew_like_whoa,
sunset and carlile

new and x-posting my ass off (i swear, i don't usually suck this hard.)

looking for a little help...

i've got these jeans that fit perfectly in that good for every day way, but were wayyy to light to make any shirt look like anything other than 1992 (and not in the good way). i rit dyed them w/ 'denim' color, but now they're like The Color Blue. too bright, too solid colored. (these jeans are thin, so the that characteristic denim texture didnt hold up through the dyeing process).

i tried kinda scrubbing at them w/ pumice stones and cheese graters but they're far from fading. i want them to look dirtier or anything. i'm planning on sewing charms along one front pocket already, but that doesn't help the color. any suggestions? i'm open to anything, but i'd prefer them to be at least mildly day-to-day wearable.

thanks so much
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