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hi i'm new

and i just recently sewed a skirt. this is the first skirt i've sewed. so yes.

my hand is shaky so the pictures are a little blurry.

i even put a tag. heh. it says fanny, which is my alias, because my name is tiffany.

and this is my bush tshirt. it says true emo. i hope i dont get locked up for it -_-
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its cute!! nice for your first one, and i love your shirt ^__^ i'm experimenting with making a pleated skirt... we'll see how disastrous this will turn out.
thank you :)

i hope ur skirt turns out great.

Deleted comment

stenciling? ha! i tried stenciling that shirt, but it was waaayyy too hard.

so i resorted to iron on. i'm a cheater, i know.

i tried stenciling using a simpler picture though and it turned out pretty good :D
Very nice skirt. *thumbs up*
i effin LOVE that shirt!
where'd you get that stencil?
thanks! its not a stencil though, i cheated, heh. its an iron on.
i love it. what paper did you use?
where'd you get that picture?
i searched on google under george bush. and i just used some iron-on paper, i'm not sure what kind it was.
all the crap i get, it comes out white behind the picture. ick ick ick. thanks<3
oh yeah i was really suprised when it came out clear like it did. i just checked what kind of iron on it was and its avery.
hmm. i'll look into it. thankkkks<3
awwww that skirt is so kewl!
i really wanna make some jeans/trousers cause the stuff in shops here is totally hopeless:( i havent a clue where to start though :/ lol