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Интернет Ярмарка TARG.com.ua Редкие и волшебные вещи [11 Oct 2010|12:15am]

Pilgrim, Visitor to our Internet Fair TARG.com.ua , - walking up to our mall! This you will not find anywhere else. At our Fair has it all: from jewelry and handmade clothing, to rare and magical items overseas artisanal. Do you have any questions?
Or maybe you're the Master, who wants to sell the work done by their hands? Or do you merchant that brought a rare thing from overseas lands? Register, open up his shop and sell!

The largest Ukrainian fair things handmade invites!

Free registration: http://targ.com.ua/personal/register.php
Frequently asked questions about the Fair http://targ.com.ua/faq/
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Интернет Ярмарка TARG.com.ua Редкие и handmade вещи [10 Oct 2010|12:41am]

Странник, заглянувший на нашу Интернет Ярмарку TARG.com.ua , – пройдись по нашим лавкам с товарами! Такого ты больше нигде не найдешь. На нашей Ярмарке есть всё: от украшений и одежды ручной работы, до редких и волшебных товаров заморских артелей. У тебя есть вопросы?
А может быть ты Мастер, желающий продать работы сделанные своими руками? Или ты Торговец, что привез редкую вещь из заморских земель? Регистрируйся, открывай свою лавку и торгуй

Страница БЕСПЛАТНОЙ регистрации: http://targ.com.ua/personal/register.php
Часто задаваемые вопросы о работе Ярмарки http://targ.com.ua/faq/
Группа в других Социальных сетях

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[27 Feb 2007|08:36am]



This and MUCH more available in my SELLING JOURNAL!!! PLEASE check it out and let me know what you think!!! Much love and hugz, Missy ~*Black-Rose-Boutique*~

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[04 Feb 2007|11:32pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

I'm new to the community. *waves* I'm not new to sewing though or any other craft (I've had my hand into about everything). :)

I am having an issue with my sewing machine. I was wondering if anyone knew how to tell me to fix it or could help me find somewhere that would.

The problem is the needle is going in front of the bobbin instead of into the hole designed for it to. This is causing the needle to bend when it does that. I've already broken one needle and am loath to brake any more. Someone told me that it just needs a small adjustment but I have no idea how to do that.
Any other time I would take it to my mother who seems to know all when it comes to sewing machines. But that is no longer possible for many reasons. So any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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[26 Jan 2007|06:47pm]

hi everyone i have a stupid question
because i'm not amaizng with my sewing machine
i know that my tensoin isn't right because someone told me so
the bottom stitch is totally messed up and i keep breaking needles
i don't know what to put my tensoin on
or how to change the bobbin tension.
help me please!!!!!!!!!
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is anyone out there? [06 Jan 2007|01:41pm]

hey everyone i got an awesome sewing machine for Christmas
its a Shark (Euro Pro X)
does anyone know anything about this machine?

**and also out of curiosity, anyone in this community live in Florida?♥
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Tutorial for a shrug? [14 Apr 2006|02:41pm]

Hi all
I am trying to find a tutorial for a shrug or crop jacket.
Anyone have any clues?

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Help Please :) [15 Jan 2006|07:10pm]

Was wondering if anyone had a pattern on how to make 3/4 tights.
Pretty Please :)

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[30 Oct 2005|03:52pm]


i'm purchasing a new sewing machine, but i'm on a budget, so i have these two to choose from:

Singer 40 Stitch Sewing Machine, 1120


Brother 25 Stitch Portable Sewing Machine, LS-2125

either? neither?

any input is welcome

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[06 Aug 2005|10:54pm]

Hi... I"m new to this community but not to sewing. I make a lot of my own stuff. Currently due to horribly possed sewing maching I've been force to join the real world for the evening. Anywho I here just just a few of the skirts and stuff that I've made... *warning image heavy*

Attack of the fabricCollapse )
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[27 Jun 2005|12:05am]


                             new bags!Collapse )

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newbie, annoying question [17 Jun 2005|07:36am]

I just got my machine set up that I received as an Easter present (I have 2 kids and no time), but I have a problem.

Now my needle is stuck in the part of the machine where the bobbin goes, yipes!

Can anybody help me?? Please?!
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[24 Feb 2005|09:56pm]

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[10 Feb 2005|01:48pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi! I have a fabric question.

I need some peach-colored denim for a clothing project, and I managed to find this stuff. It's peach-colored chintz denim. The thing is, I really have no idea how chintz denim would work for clothing, since it says it's "suitable for home decor". Would it be hard to sew by hand? Would I need a special needle if using a sewing machine?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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NEED HELP! [25 Aug 2004|10:34pm]

does anyone know of a good adhesive for bonding pleather to polyvinyl?
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[09 Aug 2004|01:53pm]

i posted some new stuff on me journal

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new and x-posting my ass off (i swear, i don't usually suck this hard.) [30 Jul 2004|02:43pm]

looking for a little help...

i've got these jeans that fit perfectly in that good for every day way, but were wayyy to light to make any shirt look like anything other than 1992 (and not in the good way). i rit dyed them w/ 'denim' color, but now they're like The Color Blue. too bright, too solid colored. (these jeans are thin, so the that characteristic denim texture didnt hold up through the dyeing process).

i tried kinda scrubbing at them w/ pumice stones and cheese graters but they're far from fading. i want them to look dirtier or anything. i'm planning on sewing charms along one front pocket already, but that doesn't help the color. any suggestions? i'm open to anything, but i'd prefer them to be at least mildly day-to-day wearable.

thanks so much
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hi i'm new [22 Jul 2004|02:55pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

and i just recently sewed a skirt. this is the first skirt i've sewed. so yes.

asldkjfCollapse )

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[21 Jul 2004|08:18pm]


and theres more
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:) [21 Jul 2004|11:59am]
Skirt I made last nightCollapse )
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